12 Days of Christmas Cookies PLUS a Giveaway!

I don’t know about you, but I always associate the holidays with way too many cookies! There are Christmas cookie parties…you give cookies to your relatives, neighbors, kids’ teachers…not to mention, the stores are loaded with Christmas cookie tins and accessories all enticing you to bake Christmas cookies! Well, I have decided to arm you with some of my favorite Paleo cookie recipes (12 days of Paleo cookies to be exact) and not only that! BeeFree Gluten-Free Bakery is teaming up with me to give away a dozen of their delicious gluten-free cookies plus a bag of their Paleo-friendly Warrior Cereal to one winner and a bag of Warrior Cereal to one runner-up! I know you have read about how much my family loves the Warrior Cereal. It really is a must for Busy Paleo families! Now let me tell you about their cookies! OMGosh they are delicious! They have one Paleo-friendly variety called the Chocolate Cherry Bliss. My kids love this cookie! It is chewy and sweet and everything you would expect out of a cookie. They also have quite a few gluten-free cookies (not exactly Paleo, but a much better alternative for a holiday cheat). Among them are a Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, and Vegan Cowboy (my personal favorite). This giveaway is perfect for those holiday gatherings- or to eat by yourself!…I’m not here to judge :) See below to find out how to enter!

The Giveaway is for the following Prize:

One winner receives:

One runner-up receives:


This is what you need to do for the giveaway. Super easy:

Wasn’t that was easy?

The winner will be drawn after December 12th and winners will be notified via email or Facebook. Good Luck!

21 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Cookies PLUS a Giveaway!

  1. Alrighty Trueman!!! Liked both pages. Would love to try the warrior cereal. Also how magic are the bars. Can they help me string some pull-ups together?? If so, I’m so in. LOL!!

    • They are so magical! But they will not help you string together pull-ups if you eat mass quantities…didn’t you read my comment about gaining weight?!?

  2. I also liked both pages & my favorite is BeeFree cereal & the Chocolate cherry bliss cookie is soooooo good ( I have to hide them from my husband :)

  3. I have liked both pages and I haven’t been able to try anything from BeeFree, but my husband would LOVE to try the Warrior Cereal. Cereal is the number one thing he misses since going Paleo. I’d love to give it to him for Christmas! :)

    • Liked both pages…I love the warrior cereal (both varieties) and would love to try the chocolate cherry bliss cookies!

  4. I have liked both ;) I have only tried the cereals, but both were amazing and I am looking to go strict Paleo so these cookies and cereal would be a GREAT START! :)

  5. I like both pages.
    My 2 favorite BeeFree products are:
    1. Warrior cereal (best thing EVER)
    2. Chocolate crinkle cookies (best cookies EVER)

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