Asian Meatballs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I think my family did, minus the fact that we have all been sick for the past two weeks! I swear, I am DONE with illness! I am ready to fumigate my house! Other than that, it was a wonderful holiday. We had the most important thing…we were all together. We also had a wonderful dinner (beef tenderloin YUM!), and my kids got so many things that I don’t know where to stash them all. Plus, my wonderful hubby bought me a new pair of Crossfit Nanos! I can’t wait to break them in! Okay, enough about my Christmas…how about a new recipe?

I have to be honest, Asian Meatballs did not necessarily sound mouth-watering to me at first glance. I’m glad I decided to give them a shot, anyway. They are delicious…and so easy! Crock pot meal…done!  I paired them with my fried rice (minus the chicken) and my kids couldn’t eat enough! I swear they all had 4 helpings! I’m not gonna tell you how much I ate, but lets just say it was too much…I will be doubling this recipe in the future!

Recipe Tweaks: I used half of the amount of Siracha. That stuff is spicy, and my kids can only handle so much! I also used half the amount of onions. Like I said above, I paired this with cauliflower fried rice, so I didn’t think I needed as many onions. If you are not making anything to go along with your meatballs, you might want to stick with using 2 onions. I also substituted dried cilantro for coriander (basically the same thing) and 1/8 teaspoon dried mustard for the mustard seed. Enjoy!


Asian Meatballs by PaleOMG




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