Banana Bread

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Ok, so banana bread is one of those carb items that makes me misty-eyed at the thought of never having it again. It is just a comfort food item that is a must for me. That’s why I was so pumped to find this recipe! Then PaleoMG finds a way to make French Toast with it too…shut the front door! I am in heaven! My kids break into song and dance when they smell these heavenly loaves baking! I never bother only making 1 loaf- I always make 2! In our house, the first loaf goes as straight up banana bread and I make the French toast for breakfast the next day. If your family doesn’t burn through them like mine, I still suggest making 2 and freezing one. Wrap it in wax paper, then foil and then place in it a ziploc baggie. It will defrost tasting super fresh!
Note: If you don’t have 2 loaf pans, make muffins with the extra….and if you are having an extra sweet tooth craving, toss in some dark chocolate chips. Yum!

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