Bondi Band giveaway!

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So one part of being a busy Paleo mom that I don’t talk much about is squeezing everything into the day! On a usual day, after feeding the troops breakfast and getting them on their merry way (or at least half of them), I go get my sweat on at the gym. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go home a pretty myself up after my Crossfit session because I only have a precious hour to squeeze in a few errands before preschool pickup time and the sacred nap hours. I have found that investing in workout gear that keeps me from looking like a hot mess during errands is KEY! One crucial piece of gear is a great fitting headband that wicks away sweat while also keeping your hair out of your face all while making you look pretty darn cute in the process! I love Bondi Band headbands. They fit tight enough that they stay in place but no so tight that they give you a headache…you know what I’m talking about right?

Haven’t heard about Bondi Band? Let me introduce you!

Bondi Bands are great for women, men, girls, and boys! They even have “Design Your Own” headbands! How fun is that for your kids sports team? I have several with my Crossfit gym’s logo on them!

Bondi Bands are composed of a unique blend of nylon, lycra, and spandex. The result is a stretchy yet form fitting band that holds up under the toughest hair styles and types. Their philosophy is to make a great product at a great price and to build relationships one at a time. They are also a company with a big heart! Each year they donate 10% of their pretax profits to charity!

So now that you know a little more about them, what are you waiting for? Let’s win some free stuff! One lucky reader will win TWO Bondi Bands!

You don’t want to wait and see if you won? I get it…I’m impatient too! Now through June 28th us the code SWEATPINK to receive 10% off all Bondi Band items (excludes Bargain Bin, Design Your Own, and Custom Items)


Giveaway requirements:

Giveaway will go live at midnight EST June 3, 2014 and ends June 7 at midnight EST

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. You can enter more than once, so be sure to max out your entries! The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning…and believe me…you WANT to win!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



While I sometimes receive product samples, I am never paid to review them unless explicitly disclosed as a sponsored post. On the rare occasion that I do write a sponsored post, the relationship will immediately be disclosed, and you can be sure that the featured product is one I stand behind 100%. Otherwise, I wouldn’t promote it! You guys will always receive my honest opinion at Busy Paleo Mom!

Pretty Muddy giveaway!

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Last week, I told you guys about a great little race called the Pretty Muddy. I also hinted that I would be hosting a giveaway. Well….here it is! Pretty Muddy is teaming up with bloggers (such as yours truly) to give away race entry fees for a Pretty Muddy race near you (or not near you…ROAD TRIP!) The race locations and dates include Dallas (April 26th), Sacramento (May 3rd), Chicago (August 16th) and Richmond (September 20th). I will be giving away 4 separate race entries and you can choose your race location when I contact you that you have won.

Here is the giveaway details:

Giveaway runs through February 26th at midnight.

4 Separate Winners will be selected, prizes include:

  • 2 standard race entries (up to a $69.50 value) – offered to two separate winners
  • 2 family edition entries (up to a $45 value) – offered to two separate winners

Click the rafflecopter link below and it will take you to the giveaway. It’s kind of a no-brainer! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who wants to get Pretty Muddy?

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I’m gonna take a break from sharing food with you today in order to tell you about an amazing event. Have you heard of Pretty Muddy?

Pretty Muddy is a 5K obstacle course mud run for any woman who wants to spend time with friends, while promoting fitness and having fun. Did I mention you get really dirty, too? The race is geared to women and is not timed, so it really is geared towards having a great time. While looking through the pictures on the site, I saw a lot of smiles…and tutus!











Image courtesy Pretty Muddy site.

The race was started by a couple of husbands who were inspired by their “pretty cool wives” and thought they deserved to have some time to themselves where they could connect with other women and just have fun. How awesome is that??? You can check the whole back story here.

Not only does Pretty Muddy provide you with all of this girl time, but they also have a Family Edition (which I am pretty excited about) if you would rather take that route! Pretty Muddy Family Edition extends the opportunity to incorporate one of the most important aspects of your life, your family, into the event! Your kids, husbands, significant others, and the rest of the crew are invited to hop in the last wave of the day for their very own epic muddy adventure. I am planning on running it with my eight year old daughter.
Check out this pic of a mother/ daughter team…how cute is that?


Image courtesy Pretty Muddy.

They also use their races as an opportunity to raise money for breast cancer research. They have partnered with Susan G. Komen and any woman running in the race can individually raise money through as well. That’s pretty cool.

But that isn’t even the best part! They are giving away free race entries to breast cancer survivors! How cool is that? Just check out this link or share it with anyone you know that might benefit from it.

Everyone else can get in on some pretty awesome discounts as well. The earlier you register, the more discounted the price will be. The first 200 participants get 50% off their race fees; the next 200 get 40% off, and so on and so forth. They are also giving a $5 discount to Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors like myself to share with their readers! Just use the code: GIRLSGONESPORTY. AAAAAND I will be giving away 4 race entries next week right here, so check back for more details on how you can get in on all this action for free! Pretty Muddy has races in Dallas, Sacramento, Chicago, and Richmond. So if you have any of these dates close to you (or you want to make a girls trip out of it) stay tuned!


Make sure to share this post on Facebook and Twitter to pass along the discount to anyone else you may know! Easy share buttons are located below.

Connect with them on

Twitter: @Pretty_Muddy


Vitamix Giveaway!

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It is finally here! The Vitamix giveaway that I hinted to last week on Facebook is finally live! I can’t think of a better way to start off December than with an amazing giveaway…can you? I have teamed up with some pretty awesome Real Food bloggers to give one lucky reader their very own Vitamix 5200! How awesome is that?

I absolutely LOVE mine! I use it ALL THE TIME! Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes!

To enter is super easy! All we ask is to show a little blog love to the bloggers invloved…here are the details!

How to Enter:

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. You can enter more than once, so be sure to max out your entries! The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning…and believe me…you WANT to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, be sure to check out the other wonderful bloggers in this giveaway! They are some pretty great women!

 The Curious Coconut


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Now go get yourself that Vitamix! :)

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins

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I feel like my window of time to use pumpkin recipes is coming to an end with Thanksgiving being tomorrow. Does anyone else feel this way? I really hope so, or at least tell me it is socially acceptable to make pumpkin recipes all year-long so I can end my panic and baking frenzy! I ran across this delicious little treat over on Health Bent. The recipe does call for regular sugar, which I have to admit caused a little panic in me. I read an article that was linked to the recipe regarding sugar and GI, blah, blah, blah. It made me think. I mean how many times have I justified a treat because “Hey, its Paleo”, but in reality, sugar is sugar and that is how your body perceives it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this (please don’t make me regret saying that! :P)

Note: I did substitute the white sugar for coconut sugar in the muffins. I used regular sugar on the top because I was afraid the coconut sugar wouldn’t result in the same crunchiness.

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins by Health Bent

I survived!

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Well, I am on the last day of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It has not been fun, especially since I continued to make treats for the kids throughout the process. I have picked up a few new tips, a clearer mind, and think I might have kicked my wicked chocolate addiction…well maybe that’s pushing it! But here are some things I discovered:

    1. Squeezing lemon in water will help overcome nearly any sugar craving.
    2. Coconut Butter makes an awesome snack! here is how to make your own
    3. Drinking Decaf Green or Herbal tea at night helps to combat the munchies.
    4. Make sure you always have a variety of snacks on hand!
    5. If you are determined, you can do anything for 21 Days!

Here are some great recipes that I stumbled across during my detox:


Still need more reasons why you should kick the sugar habit? This is a great article to motivate you!


21 Day Sugar Detox

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So I had my fun over the holidays baking paleo treats. Like I said before, my waistline has paid for it. Whether it is a natural form of sugar or manmade, sugar is sugar and reacts the same in your body…it makes you crave more sugar! I have definitly had some crazy sugar cravings lately. I have actually found myself eating handfuls of chocolate chips just to quench these cravings (no, I am not proud of this). So with that being said, I have decided to commit to the 21 Day Sugar Detox by Balanced Bites. I am going to eliminate all sugar (even fruits and sweet potatoes) for 3 weeks. Before you panic too much, I will still be posting yummy treats that I make for the kids, but I will not be partaking in them. I will also be posting detox treats that I find along the way! I have to be honest, I am not looking forward to the next week. I did a sugar detox last year and I felt awful for a whole week. I just have to remind myself how great I felt after I got through that first week…not to mention losing 35 pounds and killing it in the gym! :)

I welcome all of you to join me! It would be great to have some company in the next 3 weeks…plus I have the tendency to lack motivation and I’m really counting on some of you to help pull me through this! See you on the other side!

Merry Christmas!

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Be sure to check back around New Year’s for some tasty appetizers, and healthy meals to kick-start 2013! Sign up to receive emails when I post new recipes, or “Like” me on Facebook!

Eating Out Paleo

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Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. You’ve been running errands all afternoon, projects took longer than you expected, or darn it, you just don’t want to cook! These moments hit all of us. That is why it is good to have a list of go-to restaurants that you know your family can eat at without getting too far off the Paleo wagon. I thought I would share my family’s list. I know that not everyone will have the same restaurant options, but I am hoping you get the general idea and maybe it will help you find some locales that will work for you!

  1. Chipotle! We LOVE Chipotle! So much so, that we have finally persuaded grandparents to buy Chipotle gift cards in place of Halloween candy for the kiddos! Of course, not all options are Paleo-friendly. We like the burrito bowl. We modify it by getting it with no rice or beans, extra meat, and all the veggies our hearts desire (except of course the corn salsa). We always get a couple of sides of guacamole and throw hefty portions on each platter! If you don’t have a Chipotle, try to find a fresh-mex place of some sort…Qdoba, Baja Fresh…you get the idea…they are easy to alter to Paleo-friendly.
  2. Red Robin- I know that their burgers are not grass-fed beef, but they will do in a pinch. All their sandwiches have the option of ordering “bun-less” so that they come wrapped in big pieces of lettuce. Order with a side salad in place of fries…Perfect! Most restaurants are willing to alter their burgers to bun-less or wrapped in lettuce (I’ve even gotten a lettuce wrapped burger from Portillo’s before!) even if it isn’t on the menu. Just ask!
  3. Lou Malnati’s- When I don’t have time to throw together my own Meatza, I order one from here. Yes, it does come with cheese (I’m sure you can ask for it without cheese, we never do!) Again, not exactly Paleo, but great in a pinch and at least you are still avoiding gluten!

There you have it! That’s my top 3! I would love to hear from you with any other places that make your list!


12 Days of Christmas Cookies PLUS a Giveaway!

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I don’t know about you, but I always associate the holidays with way too many cookies! There are Christmas cookie parties…you give cookies to your relatives, neighbors, kids’ teachers…not to mention, the stores are loaded with Christmas cookie tins and accessories all enticing you to bake Christmas cookies! Well, I have decided to arm you with some of my favorite Paleo cookie recipes (12 days of Paleo cookies to be exact) and not only that! BeeFree Gluten-Free Bakery is teaming up with me to give away a dozen of their delicious gluten-free cookies plus a bag of their Paleo-friendly Warrior Cereal to one winner and a bag of Warrior Cereal to one runner-up! I know you have read about how much my family loves the Warrior Cereal. It really is a must for Busy Paleo families! Now let me tell you about their cookies! OMGosh they are delicious! They have one Paleo-friendly variety called the Chocolate Cherry Bliss. My kids love this cookie! It is chewy and sweet and everything you would expect out of a cookie. They also have quite a few gluten-free cookies (not exactly Paleo, but a much better alternative for a holiday cheat). Among them are a Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Crinkle Cookie, and Vegan Cowboy (my personal favorite). This giveaway is perfect for those holiday gatherings- or to eat by yourself!…I’m not here to judge :) See below to find out how to enter!

The Giveaway is for the following Prize:

One winner receives:

One runner-up receives:


This is what you need to do for the giveaway. Super easy:

Wasn’t that was easy?

The winner will be drawn after December 12th and winners will be notified via email or Facebook. Good Luck!