I survived!

Well, I am on the last day of my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It has not been fun, especially since I continued to make treats for the kids throughout the process. I have picked up a few new tips, a clearer mind, and think I might have kicked my wicked chocolate addiction…well maybe that’s pushing it! But here are some things I discovered:

    1. Squeezing lemon in water will help overcome nearly any sugar craving.
    2. Coconut Butter makes an awesome snack! here is how to make your own
    3. Drinking Decaf Green or Herbal tea at night helps to combat the munchies.
    4. Make sure you always have a variety of snacks on hand!
    5. If you are determined, you can do anything for 21 Days!

Here are some great recipes that I stumbled across during my detox:


Still need more reasons why you should kick the sugar habit? This is a great article to motivate you!



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