Making the Switch

Many people ask me how I keep my kids eating paleo?

Feeding kids Paleo is just like any other parenting hurdle in life. For example, potty training. Sure, potty training sucks when you’re doing it, but it sure is great once they are independently going to the bathroom and you are no longer buying diapers, right? Just think of converting your kids to a Paleo lifestyle as “potty training” in a sense. I know- gross analogy, but it’s the mentality you have to get in. It’s going to suck at first when they are crying for their favorite cereal for breakfast, or don’t understand why they can no longer have goldfish crackers for snack. If you can get through this phase, things are so much easier once they learn what they can eat and that those options are just as tasty! Just make sure you stay consistent, though. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that kids test boundaries, so if you cave and give them cereal (“just this once”) they will continually ask for it because they just might get it again! Explain to them (if they are old enough to understand) that the whole family wants to be healthier, and blank is no longer a food option, but would they like to have substitute healthy paleo option. Another thing I did when we converted to Paleo was get rid of anything in my pantry that wasn’t legit. I know, I winced just a little at the thought of all that wasted food, and if it isn’t opened- donate it! Just don’t eat it simply because you don’t want it to go to waste. Think of it this way, if you had diesel fuel sitting in your garage just going to waste- would you put it in your car? I really hope you said, No! Our bodies run on processed food and grains just like our unleaded tank does on diesel…not very good!

That being said…here are some ideas of how to get your kids excited about paleo.

  • Let them be involved in the grocery shopping. My kids love coming to the grocery store with me. They are constantly picking up weird fruits and veggies and asking what they are and what can we make with it.
  • Get them involved with the cooking. They take a lot more pride and are more likely to try something that they actually helped make.
  • I let my kids surf websites, Pinterest and cookbooks with me and they tell me what looks good and what they would like to try.

I just want to reiterate, don’t get discouraged with your kids’ initial resistance. Know that it is just a phase, and that it will get better. Also, remind yourself that you are doing the best thing for your family and find comfort in that. Best of luck! Any questions? Let me know! :)



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