Baby-Back Ribs

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You know you have a hit recipe when your kids break into dance and start screaming “Boo-yah!” when they hear what’s being served! This recipe requires you to be home during the afternoon, but it is soooo worth the time you put into this one! The oven temperature seems a little high for this recipe. I would recommend lowering it to 375 or 400 degrees F. Make sure you keep an eye on these. I usually check them every 45 minutes or so. I make about 5 slabs at a time, so they are stacked in the dutch oven.
I will rotate the ones on top just so everything gets evenly cooked (i find that the top ones can get crispy if you don’t do this). Also make sure to monitor how much cider you have in the pan. you don’t want it to dry out!┬áPair it with no-potato potato salad! My mouth is already watering!