It’s time to ring in the New Year! Plus a couple paleo appetizers and drinks…

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Well, it’s that time of the year! Time to celebrate the end of another year in our lives. I hope that 2012 has been good to all of you. Hopefully as you look forward to 2013, you are going to make a decision to keep putting you and your family’s health and wellness as a top priority. Giving your family a higher quality of life by cooking nutritional paleo foods will pay off for a long time into your future. In early 2013, I am going to help you get started if you are new to Paleo, and for all of you “old-hats”- I will just keep throwing new, yet tasty meals your way! Thanks for putting up with in 2012, and hopefully you keep me around in 2013!

With that being said…time for some PARTY food!

Since the plague hit my house, I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to sample some new treats. So I have also included some old tried and true paleo appetizers. I have also included the link to the wonderful Norcal Margarita. Just be careful! These bad boys have a tendency to go down quite smoothly…my husband learned this the hard way one New Year’s when he drank an entire bottle of tequila!

Paleo Appetizers You Must Try!

Sweet Potato Crab Cakes

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Sweet Potato Crab Cakes by Fast Paleo

I love fancy little appetizers like this one. It’s just so hard to find a pretty paleo appetizer. It takes a little time, but I always think crab cakes are worth the effort. :)  This recipe calls for a donut hole maker, which I do not own, so I used my mini muffin pan and just used a cookie dough scoop to put into the pans. I also had a little left over and pan-fried into patties. Not as pretty, but even more delicious!