What to Make for Thanksgiving

So here is what I have been up to this week! I have been working on some great Paleo versions of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Thanksgiving seems to be the one holiday that is totally surrounded by food, and not just any food…CARBS! I always struggle to find the right balance between traditional and Paleo-friendly turkey day eats. I think I finally found some winners that will replace a few dishes at my table this year. I would like to stress that most of these dishes are still an indulgence and should be limited to the holidays and special occasions. I totally feel the need to hit the gym after this past week of cooking and sampling! But first I would like to compose a list of things I am thankful for this year…

  1. My family. They love me even when I’m at my worst
  2. My friends. They love me even when I’m at my craziest
  3. My faith. It keeps me going even when I’m at my worst and craziest!
  4. My Crossfit community. They allow me to work through the crazies by lifting really heavy stuff!
  5. My mommy time. It just keeps me sane
  6. Paleo recipe websites! Without these- I would still be grilling a piece of meat and serving it with 3 vegetable sides (which there is still nothing wrong with by the way!)
  7. Reliable Babysitters. They make grown-up time so much more enjoyable!

My family enjoying a week of Thanksgiving dishes!

That being said…bring on the dishasss!


Side Dishes



Other Intriguing Recipes That I Didn’t Try Yet:

Note: If I have a chance to make any of these this week…I’ll let you know! :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!





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